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this blog is used for relevant articles and tutorials on data related topics, library technology, software development, hacks in libraries, and data analysis.

library catchment areas

how do public libraries define catchment areas?

 catchment areas   consultations   geographic profiling

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make it open

a cuture of open by default for 2017

 library resolutions   open data

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world library rankings

ranking literacy by using global library provision

 library rankings  OCLC global stats  literacy

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wuthering hacks

newcastle libraries open data process and library hack day

 newcastle libraries  library hacks  open data

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IP data - mapping applicant postcodes

 mapping  intellectual property  patents  postcodes

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CIPFA library stats - a race to the bottom?

 public libraries  performance indicators  CIPFA stats  accountability

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where to find public libraries open data

 open data  local government datastores  public libraries data

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public libraries open data

 open data  public libraries data  local government

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mobile app security testing

 mobile apps  library apps  HTTPS  security  personal data

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public lending right top titles

 public lending right  top titles

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a single view of library services

 library catalogues  web services  library management systems

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mobile libraries map

 mobile libraries  library coverage  bath and north east somerset

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how secure is your library app?

 https mobile security  library mobile apps  android and iOS

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connecting and opening local government data

 linked data  open government data  government software

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hybrid events

 hack events  hybrid events  code collaboration  twitter walls  screen sharing

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wallpaper ebooks - how could it be done?

 wallpaper ebooks  NFC tags  mobile  android  library technology

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website launched 13th june

 introduction  hacking  web services  analysis  library data

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