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libraries hacked does not exclusively feature open source apps, but where source code is available it will be listed here.

there is a libraries hacked GitHub repository to allow anyone who wishes to open up their code, to do so here.

in the case of tutorials that include code writing, and code downloads, these will also be placed in the git repository and version controlled for anyone to download and modify.

tutorials and learning

code to learn from.

library carpentry repos

repositories from the library carpentry software skills sessions focused on the needs and requirements of the library professionals


british national bibliography queries

a set of sample SPARQL queries for querying the BNB.


applications and hacks

code repositories for applications and hacks made from library data or from library hack events.

huddersfield university library android

an open-source android app for users of the Huddersfield university library, using web scraping against a horizon portal (portable to other implementations)


find me a book

a demo application that illustrates how to build a web application using the british national bibliography SPARQL endpoint


twitter europeanabot

a twitter bot to explore the diverse contents of Europeana.


libraries hacked code

code from libraries hacked projects and tutorials.

public libraries news map widget

a widget map to show the latest stories from public libraries news.


libraries hacked tutorials

a set of code samples from all the tutorials on the site.